I want to travel but I have a cat

I want to travel but I have a cat

You now have the travel bug, but your cat pal is preventing you from taking the plunge. The thought of leaving your cat behind prevents you from traveling to far-off places. It’s a difficult position, but don’t lose up; with a little forethought, you can sate your wanderlust and provide your cat with a nice place to stay. Finding the ideal cat sitter or boarder, putting together the necessary papers, and maintaining your cat’s routine as consistently as possible are the keys. While you’re away, you’ll miss your cat, but knowing they’re in good hands will allow you to relax and thoroughly appreciate your experience. Even if you have a cat, you can travel the world guilt-free with the appropriate attitude. Read on to discover how.

The Challenges of Traveling When You Have a Cat

Finding someone to watch your animal pet while you’re away is undoubtedly the toughest issue. The best solution is always to rely on family and friends, but if that’s not feasible, you’ll need to look into boarding facilities or qualified pet sitters. Make sure you locate a knowledgeable, dependable, and kind person. First, meet with them and see how they treat your cat.

Maintaining your cat’s routine as consistently as feasible is another concern. Ask whoever is keeping an eye on them to follow their normal feeding and exercise routine. To keep them engaged, let them play with your cat’s favorite toys. The more consistent their schedule is, the less anxious your cat will be.

Additionally, you ought to plan ahead. Obtain additional supplies of food, litter, medicine, and any other supplies your cat could want. Give comprehensive care instructions and your veterinarian’s contact information in case of an emergency.

Be patient with your cat when you eventually return from your trip. Even with the best care, kids probably miss you and might appear distant or too attached. To assist them in acclimating to you coming home, show them extra affection and treat them to their favorite foods.

Even though taking a cat on the road can be difficult, with the correct planning and preparation, you can feel comfortable leaving them in capable hands. Concentrate on having fun on your trip knowing that your furry family member is taken care of at home.

I want to travel but I have a cat.

Finding the Right Pet Sitter for Your Cat

Your peace of mind depends on finding a dependable pet sitter to look after your beloved friend while you’re gone. Request referrals from friends or your veterinarian, then interview potential candidates to discover one who is the ideal fit for your cat’s requirements and your budget.

Do a Meet and Greet

Invite prospective sitters to meet your cat so you may observe their interactions. When handling cats, seek out someone who is calm, kind, and confident. Inquire about their qualifications and experience. A quality cat sitter will take the time to learn your cat’s routines, favorite toys, any health conditions, and your instructions.

Check References and Reviews

Check internet reviews and ask other customers for referrals. Check out what they have to say about the sitter’s dependability, punctuality, and how satisfied their customers were with their service.

Discuss Your Needs and Expectations

Describe your routine, including feeding times and amounts, supplements any prescriptions, preferred litter boxes, and any peculiar habits or behaviors to be on the lookout for. To ensure that the sitter follows your cat’s routine, be very precise in your instructions.

Do a Trial Run

Before departing on a lengthy trip, if at all possible, have the sitter perform a trial shift over the weekend. Check to see how your cat reacts to them and make any necessary adjustments. In case of an emergency, give a veterinarian’s phone number.

You may relax on your trip knowing your favorite cat is being taken care of at home if the correct sitter follows your specific instructions. Happy travels!

Boarding Options for Cats While You’re Away

You’ll need to make plans for the care of your cat pal when you wish to travel but they are at home. A common choice is to board your cat in a kennel or cattery. These facilities will ensure that your cat is fed, active, and groomed while you travel.

Cat boarding is a common service provided by veterinary offices and pet stores. To compare prices, services, and reviews, do some research on local establishments. Once you’ve found a good alternative, make your reservation far in advance, especially around holidays.

Think about inviting a pet sitter around for a more intimate experience. Your cat can be fed, entertained, and cleaned up after by a sitter in its comfortable surroundings. For any sitter, check references, and think about utilizing a background-checking agency. Give the cat sitter thorough directions on how to care for your cat as well as an emergency contact.

You might also ask a neighbor or trustworthy friend to watch your cats. Despite being practical, bear in mind that they could not be as knowledgeable as a professional. Describe your cat’s wants and schedule in great detail. Pay them for their time and any goods they provided.

Whatever you decide, keep your cat’s routine as consistent as possible to aid in their adjustment. Play with your cat, take any prescription medication as directed, and let whoever is taking care of your cat know if anything is wrong straight away. If the right safeguards are taken, you may relax on vacation knowing that your favorite cat is in good hands back home.

Creating a Comfortable Home Environment for Your Cat Before You Leave

Before you go, make sure your cat has a cozy home environment to live in. This will assist in ensuring their happiness and well-being.

Make sure your cat has access to food, water, litter boxes, scratching posts, toys, and hiding places, among other necessities. Verify that the litter boxes are clean and that all supplies are new. Maintain consistency since cats might be finicky about their litter boxes.

Before departing, give your cat extra attention and play. Play with interactive toys like catnip mice, feather toys, and laser pointers. When cats are alone, puzzle toys and toys that dispense treats might keep them entertained. Spend precious time alone with your cat playing, brushing, and cuddling.

Use Feliway diffusers, relaxing collars, or compression garments as alternatives. These items disperse calming pheromones or provide little pressure to ease anxiety. Ask your veterinarian if there are any strong anti-anxiety medications they can recommend.

Make plans for someone to check in on your cat every day. Have a dependable family member, friend, or pet sitter come over to feed, play with, and scoop the litter. Make sure they have your phone number and your veterinarian’s for emergencies.

Prior to leaving, try to keep your cat’s routine as consistent as possible. Your cat should be fed and walked at the regular times. Cats are creatures of habit, so changing their routine could stress them out.

Give your cat more vertical room and hiding places. For your cat to climb, perch on, and hide in, add cat trees, shelving, tunnels, and boxes. Food dishes, litter boxes, scratching posts, and toys should all be placed in familiar areas.

You can feel confident leaving your kitty companion for a worry-free vacation if the right precautions are followed. Coming home to a comfortable setting where all of their requirements have been satisfied will make your cat happy.

i have  a cat during travel

Tips for Easing Your Cat’s Separation Anxiety While You Travel

It can be difficult for both of you when you have to leave your kitty companion behind when you travel. In your absence, your cat could feel separation anxiety. The following advice will help them feel less stressed while you’re away:

Ask a friend to cat-sit

Your cat may feel less lonely if a familiar person visits to feed, play, and snuggle them. Find out who your cat already knows and visits regularly by asking a friend or relative. In order to maintain as much consistency as possible, let your cat sitter know about your cat’s routine and any demands.

Stick to a routine

Make sure your cat has a regular feeding, activity, play, grooming, and sleep schedule before you leave. Request that your cat sitter maintain the schedule as much as they can. Your cat will feel safer with familiarity.

Provide interactive toys

Toys your cat can bat around independently or puzzle toys that dispense rewards can keep them amused. To avoid boredom, alternate between different toys. There are entertaining options like self-moving feather toys and automatic laser pointers.

Give your cat plenty of affection before leaving

Spend extra quality time with your cat before your trip . They deserve a lot of affection, belly rubs, snacks, play, and cuddles. While you’re gone, they’ll feel more at peace thanks to your love and assurance.

Ask your vet about anti-anxiety medication if needed

Medication may be helpful for cats who are really anxious. Consult your veterinarian about using pheromone sprays, diffusers, collars, or other short-term anti-anxiety medications while you’re away. They might make your cat feel more content and at ease.

You may go with ease knowing your cat is well-looked-after and as comfortable as possible until your return by taking the necessary precautions and care.

I want to travel but I have a cat.


Don’t let imagined barriers prevent you from strengthening your connections and following your wanderlust. You are prepared to plan a trip and arrange care for your cat using the advice and options discussed here, so you can go knowing they will be taken care of while you are away. Go for it, you can do this; the world is waiting to be discovered! Your cat will be waiting for you when you get home, eager to hear all about your adventures. Even with our pets, the path of life is better experienced together. Happy travels!

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