Is Briar Travel Legit?

Is Briar Travel Legit

Briar Travel is an online travel agency that offers discounted flights, hotels, rental cars, and vacation packages. With promises of savings of up to 60% on travel, Briar Travel markets itself as a budget-friendly booking site. However, it is still a question before trusting Briar Travel, whether it is a scam or is Briar Travel really legit.

Let’s analyze several key factors to evaluate if Briar Travel is really legit…

Company Background

Briar Travel claimed to be functional since 1995 and is based in the United States. They also claim to have multiple operational offices in different locations.  It does not appear to have a well-known parent company backing it. There is limited background information available on its founders or executives. While not inherently suspicious, more history and details on a travel company’s ownership lend credibility. For a relatively newly famous company like Briar Travel, travelers can inquire if is Briar Travel really legit.

Pricing and Savings Claims 

Briar Travel’s website boldly advertises to save up to more than half of expenses on your next vacation. These types of broad savings claims warrant scrutiny. An investigation of sample bookings shows their pricing is often similar or identical to major OTA websites like Expedia and Travelocity.

There seem to be some good discounts, especially on vacation packages. But these savings can vary greatly depending on the date, destination, and type of travel you booked.

Is Briar Travel Legit?

Booking Process and Reviews

The Briar Travel booking process works as any major travel website would. Users can search flights or accommodations, customize travel dates/cities, and complete bookings by entering payment details. Everything appears professionally run. However, digging into customer feedback reveals mixed reviews. Multiple reviewers complain of misleading vacation deals, hidden fees, booking issues, and poor customer service. But still, there are many good reviews as well. They also offer free Bahamas Trip to subscribers, of course with some terms and conditions. Learn about “Briar Travel Free Bahamas Trip” in our article…(link)

Refund/Cancellation Policies 

Briar Travel’s refund and cancellation policies seem reasonable at first glance. However, read and understand the full terms and conditions available on Briar Travel’s website.

Is Briar Travel Legit'


Is Briar Travel a real legit travel agency?

Briar Travel’s website and booking capabilities make it appear to be a legitimate online travel agency.

Why do Briar Travel’s prices seem inconsistent?

While Briar Travel advertises saving up to more than half of expenses on travel, price checks show their deals are often similar to major booking sites. Some packages seem discounted, and worth trying.

What payment methods does Briar Travel accept?

Briar Travel accepts all major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. Travelers can also pay through PayPal. These standard payment methods lend some credibility.

Can I trust Briar Travel to give me a refund?

Yes, you can trust it, as Briar Travel has maintained a good reputation in the last few years.

Is it safe to provide my personal information to Briar Travel?

Yes, but be sure to exercise caution by providing personal details like passport numbers and home addresses. Major travel sites employ strong data protections for customers’ private information.

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